CD A Tribute To Dio: Elves, Rainbows And Crosses. Volume 1



Bajo el sello de leyenda records sale este tributo a Dio.

1–Saratoga - We Rock

2–Draco Ignis - Sacred Heart

3–Santelmo - Rainbow In The Dark

4–Black Shark - I Speed At Night

5–Adgar - Sunset Superman

6–Avulsed - Neon Knights

7–Hybris - Night People

8–Metropolis VI - Hungry For Heaven

9–Manzano - Catch The Rainbow

10–Dragonfly - Die Young

11–Mezquita - Gates Of Babylon

12–Gauntlet - Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost

13–Panzer - Man On The Silver Mountain

14–Sphinx - The Last In Line

15–Vendaval - Killing The Dragon

14,95 €

IVA incluído